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Custom Wireless Charging Coil Request Form

  Manufacturers of Wireless Charging Coils are seeing unprecedented demand for custom designs of Receiver Coils.
Many varied applications for the technology is driving the demand for bespoke Rx Coils.
Due to this high demand we would ask you to please consider our range of standard designs, or complete the Request Form giving us the business opportunity & critical parameters.
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  Contact Information:
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  Business Opportunity:
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  standard products?      
* EAU:         *Would you consider a close match to your design if available?
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Would you accept NRE to expedite design & delivery?
  Target Product Requirements (as known):  
*Inductance uH (target) * External Dimensions mm
*(L xW)
*Inductance is a function of the type of wire, length and coil design *Provide dimensions in mm
* Thickness mm (inc shield) *Current rating (rms)
  Provide thickness in mm including shield, typ range 1.8 to 0.5mm *Function of design
*No. of Turns *Length of feed cables (mm)
*Complete if known. Matching on pcb can compensate *Length of termination cables
*DC Resistance (mΩ)    
*Function of design
Abracon will review the technical feasibility and business cases for custom designs, and will contact you with with feedback, but reserve the right not to offer product.

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